This is part of the function module

Use a switching function to determine how many of the input variables are less than a certain cutoff.

Glossary of keywords and components
Description of components
Quantity Description
.#!value a function that is one if the input is less than a threshold
Compulsory keywords
NN ( default=6 ) The n parameter of the switching function
MM ( default=0 ) The m parameter of the switching function; 0 implies 2*NN
D_0 ( default=0.0 ) The d_0 parameter of the switching function
R_0 The r_0 parameter of the switching function

( default=off ) is the input quantity the square of the value that you would like to apply the switching function to

ARG the input to this function. You can use multiple instances of this keyword i.e. ARG1, ARG2, ARG3...
SWITCH This keyword is used if you want to employ an alternative to the continuous swiching function defined above. The following provides information on the switchingfunction that are available. When this keyword is present you no longer need the NN, MM, D_0 and R_0 keywords.