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When performing biased dynamics or analysing a trajectory you may wish to analyse/bias the value of some function of a set of collective variables rather than the values of the collective variables directly. You can do this with PLUMED by using any one of the following list of functions:

COMBINE Calculate a polynomial combination of a set of other variables.
ENSEMBLE Calculates the replica averaging of a collective variable over multiple replicas.
FUNCPATHMSD This function calculates path collective variables.
FUNCSUMHILLS This function is intended to be called by the command line tool sum_hillsand it is meant to integrate a HILLS file or an HILLS file interpreted as a histogram i a variety of ways. Therefore it is not expected that you use this during your dynamics (it will crash!)
MATHEVAL Calculate a combination of variables using a matheval expression.
PIECEWISE Compute a piecewise straight line through its arguments that passes througha set of ordered control points.
SORT This function can be used to sort colvars according to their magnitudes.