This is part of the colvar module

Calculate sugar pseudorotation coordinates.

This command can be used to calculate ring's pseudorotations in sugars (puckers). It works for both 5-membered and 6-membered rings. Notice that there are two different implementations depending if one passes 5 or 6 atoms in the ATOMS keyword.

For 5-membered rings the implementation is the one discussed in [36] . This implementation is simple and can be used in RNA to distinguish C2'-endo and C3'-endo conformations. Both the polar coordinates (phs and amp) and the cartesian coordinates (Zx and Zy) are provided. C2'-endo conformations have negative Zx, whereas C3'-endo conformations have positive Zy. Notation is consistent with [36] . The five atoms should be provided as C4',O4',C1',C2',C3'. Notice that this is the same order that can be obtained using the MOLINFO syntax (see example below).

For 6-membered rings the implementation is the general Cremer-Pople one [25] as also discussed in [9] . This implementation provides both a triplet with Cartesian components (qx, qy, and qz) and a triplet of polar components (amplitude, phi, and theta). Applications of this particular implementation are to be published (paper in preparation).

The 6-membered ring implementation distributed with this version of PLUMED leads to qx and qy values that have an opposite sign with respect to those originally defined in [25]. The bug will be fixed in a later version but is here kept to preserve reproducibility.

Components of this action are:

Description of components

By default the value of the calculated quantity can be referenced elsewhere in the input file by using the label of the action. Alternatively this Action can be used to calculate the following quantities by employing the keywords listed below. These quanties can be referenced elsewhere in the input by using this Action's label followed by a dot and the name of the quantity required from the list below.

Quantity Description
phs Pseudorotation phase (5 membered rings)
amp Pseudorotation amplitude (5 membered rings)
Zx Pseudorotation x cartesian component (5 membered rings)
Zy Pseudorotation y cartesian component (5 membered rings)
phi Pseudorotation phase (6 membered rings)
theta Theta angle (6 membered rings)
amplitude Pseudorotation amplitude (6 membered rings)
qx Cartesian component x (6 membered rings)
qy Cartesian component y (6 membered rings)
qz Cartesian component z (6 membered rings)
The atoms involved can be specified using
ATOMS the five or six atoms of the sugar ring in the proper order. For more information on how to specify lists of atoms see Groups and Virtual Atoms

( default=off ) calculate the derivatives for these quantities numerically


This input tells plumed to print the puckering phase angle of the 3rd nucleotide of a RNA molecule on file COLVAR.