Calculate the total integral of the function on the input grid

Glossary of keywords and components
Compulsory keywords
STRIDE ( default=1 ) the frequency with which the data should be collected and added to the quantity being averaged
NORMALIZATION ( default=true ) This controls how the data is normalized it can be set equal to true, false or ndata. The differences between these options are explained in the manual page for HISTOGRAM
GRID the action that creates the input grid you would like to use
CLEAR ( default=1 ) the frequency with which to clear all the accumulated data.
SERIAL ( default=off ) do the calculation in serial. Do not use MPI
LOWMEM ( default=off ) lower the memory requirements

( default=off ) output information on the timings of the various parts of the calculation

LOGWEIGHTS list of actions that calculates log weights that should be used to weight configurations when calculating averages
CONCENTRATION the concentration parameter for Von Mises-Fisher distributions
COMPONENT if your input is a vector field use this to specify the component of the input vector field for which you wish to use