This is part of the dimred module
It is only available if you configure PLUMED with ./configure –enable-modules=dimred . Furthermore, this feature is still being developed so take care when using it and report any problems on the mailing list.

This can be used to output the data that has been stored in an Analysis object.

Glossary of keywords and components
Compulsory keywords
NLOW_DIM the dimension of the low dimensional space in which the projections will be constructed
MATRIX the matrix of distances between points that you want to reproduce in your sketch-map projection
HIGH_DIM_FUNCTION the parameters of the switching function in the high dimensional space
LOW_DIM_FUNCTION the parameters of the switching function in the low dimensional space
ANNEAL_RATE ( default=0.5 ) the rate at which to do the annealing
ANNEAL_STEPS ( default=10 ) the number of steps of annealing to do
CGTOL ( default=1E-6 ) the tolerance for the conjugate gradient minimization
NCYCLES ( default=5 ) the number of cycles of global optimization to attempt
BUFFER ( default=1.1 ) grid extent for search is (max projection - minimum projection) multiplied by this value
CGRID_SIZE ( default=10 ) number of points to use in each grid direction
FGRID_SIZE ( default=0 ) interpolate the grid onto this number of points – only works in 2D