Terminate plumed input.

Can be used to effectively comment out the rest of the input file. It can be useful to quickly ignore part of a long input file. However, one should keep in mind that when opening the file it might be difficult to find where the commented out part begins. Regular comments (with #) are usually easier to read. Notice that VIM syntax should be able to detect this command and properly mark the rest of the file as a comment, although since vim doesn't parse the whole file it might fail in doing so for long input files.

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tested on v2.8
the pair of atom that we are calculating the distance between.
=1,10 PRINT
the input for this action is the scalar output from one or more other actions.
the name of the file on which to output these quantities
compulsory keyword ( default=1 ) the frequency with which the quantities of interest should be output
=10 ENDPLUMED commands here are ignored PRINT ARG=d FILE=COLVAR STRIDE=1
Glossary of keywords and components