The PLUMED team

Project leaders and core developers

The PLUMED consortium

The PLUMED consortium is an open community composed of current and past PLUMED developers, contributors, and all those researchers whose work builds in part on PLUMED and at the same time drives the development and dissemination of PLUMED. More information and the list of current members can be found here.

Contributors to PLUMED 2.x

See this link.

Contributors to PLUMED 1.x

Davide Branduardi, Francesco Gervasio, Toni Giorgino, Fabrizio Marinelli, Fabio Pietrucci, Davide Provasi, Paolo Raiteri, Ludovico Sutto.


Ricardo Broglia, Davide Donadio, Alessandro Laio, Francesco Marini, Michele Parrinello.